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Better Water For A Better Home™

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Why does the quality of your water matter?

At LBRTY HOME, we understand that water is the essence of life, the elixir that sustains us all. Yet, the perils of impure water can cast a shadow on our well-being and daily comforts. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to crafting solutions that transform your water into a source of vitality and peace of mind. Envision a world where each drop of water nourishes your health, every shower revitalizes your skin, and your home thrives with the longevity of pure water. At LBRTY HOME, we're committed to turning this vision into reality. Our advanced water treatment solutions promise not just an elevated quality of life but a shield for your well-being and a guardian for your household. Embrace the luxury of pristine water and witness the remarkable difference it makes in your life and savings. Connect with us for a future where clean, healthy water is a constant companion.


Purity At It's Best

At the forefront of home wellness, LBRTY HOME champions the integration of water purity with unparalleled ease. We understand that true luxury is a blend of superior health benefits and strategic financial choices. As such, our bespoke solutions are designed to deliver both in spades.

Get Well Soon

Health-wise, the value is clear: refined water free of impurities empowers you to safeguard your family's health. This proactive approach is essential in today’s world, ensuring that wellness flows from every faucet in your residence. Our meticulously engineered systems stand guard, offering a bastion of purity in the comforts of your own home. 

Save Your Dollars

When it comes to savings, optimized water quality is a gift that keeps on giving. Your appliances will thank you as they operate with newfound efficiency and longevity, trimming down maintenance costs and energy bills. It's an investment where the financial gains echo through every corner of your house.

How's Your Peace?

Lastly, peace of mind is priceless. Embrace the serenity that accompanies our seasoned experts’ flawless installation and our commitment to your satisfaction, fortified by a limited lifetime warranty that outshines conventional assurances. Your confidence in LBRTY HOME is as steadfast as the flow of purity we promise. 

Backed by over 85 years of experience and expertise we

offer 3 different types of water treatment packages to address your unique water concerns and needs, along with in house financing to make your purchasing process easy.


Water Softeners protect against the most common water problem in North America - hard water. These efficient, industry-leading systems eliminate concerns such as scratchy laundry, dull hair, dry skin, spotted glassware, scale buildup and high utility bills.


Clean Less and Live More with filtered water from our

Whole Home Water Filters. Take smelly, dirty, hard, or contaminated water and transform it into more delicious, healthier, cleaner water for your entire home.


Reverse Osmosis systems force water under pressure through a semipermeable membrane and a series of pre-filters then into a storage tank that holds the treated water until it’s needed. A dedicated external faucet is included so that the stored water is only used when desired.

Jason M.

"Since installing the Charger water softening system with LBRTY HOME, I've noticed a remarkable difference in our water quality. No more limescale, and my skin and hair feel so much healthier."


Emily R.

"I was skeptical at first, but the reverse osmosis system from LBRTY HOME is incredible. The purity of the water is like nothing I've tasted before – it's like having a bottled water plant at home!"

Liam S.

"LBRTY HOME's water filters have been a game-changer for my family. Cooking and drinking with water that you know is free of contaminants gives us peace of mind. Plus, the taste is pure and fresh!"

Worried about your water?

Get a FREE Water Consultation!

Improving your home's water is easier and more convenient than ever with LBRTY HOME's in-home appointments.

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